Runt Post: Unity Connection 8.6 and SU5, there’s a .cop file for that

I ran into a fun* issue last week while upgrading Unity Connection from 8.6.(2a) to the latest patch SU5, and I would tell you to be sure to read the release notes on the subject, but as I found when calling TAC at 2am, the release notes don’t warn you about this particular issue.  See, after the upgrade, all those precious call handlers you painstakingly configured and tested over the past few years just don’t work. At all. Not even a little. In fact, the system just routes these calls to the Opening Greeting. Much to your frustration, you can see that the extensions are still defined on the call handlers just like before the upgrade, but after the patch the system rudely snubs your call handler configuration entirely.

As much as I am totally ruining the surprise of your discovering and experiencing this precious jewel of an error on your own and wondering what the heck to do about it, there is a .cop file that fixes the issue: ciscocm.cuc_86x_cdl3.cop.sgn (cco login required).   After uploading the file to both servers (assuming an HA environment), a reboot of the primary and then the secondary is all that’s left to do.

And people wonder why voice engineers drink…


Published 11/03/2014

*voice engineers have a slightly skewed definition of fun, precisely because of issues like this…

Note: there is a bug ID for this, CSCuq63776 (cco login also required) in case you are interested.  I have no idea if every upgrade that goes from 8.6(2a) will hit this particular bug, but at least now you won’t be surprised if you do…

5 thoughts on “Runt Post: Unity Connection 8.6 and SU5, there’s a .cop file for that

  1. Thanks for this post, this has just saved me a couple of hours of troubleshooting. Yesterday I ran into the exact same problem, found this post and then the fix was very easy.

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