Cisco Live 2013 Rocked!

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You know that person in the office that goes on vacation and then insists on showing you all the pictures and telling you all the stories?  Well, buckle up, I am *that* person for this Cisco Live wrap up episode!

My week kicked off with the Empowered Women session on Sunday afternoon and I have to say this was one of my favorite events.  Historically, the number of women at tech conferences is notably low, but this stroke of genius event filled the room with female engineers and reinforced the notion that the number of women in IT is growing, even if at a slower-than-I-would-like pace. Padmasree Warrior, CTO and Strategy Officer, as well as others gave excellent speeches, and I felt practically giddy at being able to sit across the table from other women and talk technical.

Meeting up with my fellow tweeters and bloggers at Cisco Live always makes the week, and this year was no exception.  The Cisco Social Media team, led by Kathleen Mudge did a phenomenal job keeping all us social media addicts happy with comfy sofas, snacks, and timely answers to any questions we came up with along the way.

The sessions and events were also quite excellent and rather than bore you with a long narration, I think it’s a good time to share some photos.

An entire week of technical discussions with fellow nerds, yes please.

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And how about these awesome faces?

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We twitterers even had a shirt this year, obviously I was not a fan of the color.

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There were some pretty amazing speakers, many of them authors as well, here’s one of my personal favorites.

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And intense technical discussions were definitely the order of the day, every day.

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The Customer Appreciation Event at Universal Studios got two thumbs up from this voice guy (and everyone else!)

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By the end of the week, the exhaustion starts to show. But we love it…

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Finally, since this was Ed’s first Cisco Live event, he got to ride in style.

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A very special thanks to all of you on twitter who make working in networking just that much more awesome!

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Bonus that will make your day: Members of the Packet Pushers singing Living on a Prayer, you know you want to click this link

Published 7/01/2013

Cisco Live blog post – the Clip Show Edition

So you know those episodes of your favorite TV shows that are nothing but clips of other episodes? Well, think of this particular post as one of those cheater episodes. As much as I love Cisco Live, all the good stuff has already been written up and now I will show you just where that good stuff lives.

First up is Jeff Fry’s blog which I absolutely love, not only because it’s a great wealth of information on Cisco Live, but also because he always has at least one post that contains a map. Being a directionally challenged individual, this is one post I highly recommend.  Jeff also has several other great posts on Cisco Live 2013 so be sure to check them out as well, and while you’re there be sure to check out his fabulous technical posts on pretty much any topic networking related, you won’t be sorry you did.

My second hat tip goes to Tom who happens to be the keeper of the Great Twitter List of Awesomeness for Cisco Live 2013.   Tom has several great posts on what to expect from the event in general and useful info on the annual Tweet Up.  And, of course, while you are hanging out on Tom’s site, don’t forget to check out his post on the infamous Cisco Live 2011 Tom Tramp Stamp, which includes a link at the bottom of the post to said tattoo. That’s just good entertainment right there.

Next up is Teren’s blog which includes info on the CAE, Disney discounts for Cisco Live attenders, and a nice post on why you should be going to Cisco Live and better yet, why your boss should support you. Teren also has posted some fantastic photos of last year’s event here so be sure to check them out if you went last year or if you just like clicking on pictures of strangers.

For more good tips on what to pack and what to expect, I recommend checking out Scott’s post and Bob McCouch’s post.  I’ve hung out with both of these guys at past Cisco Live events and the advice they give is practical and spot on.

Last, and certainly not least, if you are interested in more information about the keynotes for Cisco Live 2013, be sure to check out John’s post on the subject here.  He’s summarized the speakers and dates for you, so be sure to bookmark a link for when you are planning out your schedule.

And that’s a wrap on our tour of all things Cisco Live 2013, as you can see, Cisco Live is quite the event! Hopefully the impressive work of these bloggers makes your trip just a bit easier and certainly less overwhelming!

Published 6/11/2013

*I apologize to my blogger friends who have posted on the subject and that I have missed, please leave a link to your blog in the comments!