Runt Post: Quality troubleshooting, what it looks like

In my previous post, I shared some of the cool stuff ThousandEyes is doing with VoIP.  I also wanted to draw attention to this cool video of Mohit Lad, co-founder and CTO of ThousandEyes, using his own product to troubleshoot an outage event on the fly:

There are very few ways to show off your product better than this type of demonstration. Mohit troubleshoots with expertise, clearly in his element. The tools cater well to his methodical troubleshooting process and both are quite impressive. Plus the routing loop he finds is just darn cool.

photo 100000 (8)

Watch it, you’ll love watching a master at work, I know I did.

Published: 9/26/2014

Disclaimer: While Networking Field Day, which is sponsored by the companies that present, was very generous to invite me to this fantastic event and I am very grateful for it, my opinions are totally my own, as all redheads are far too stubborn to have it any other way.


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