Can I get a hardware upgrade please? Narbik’s CCIE training, Day 3

Pretty sure I need a vAmy upgrade on memory and disk space to make it through the end of this fabulously exhausting week.  It’s the third 12-14 hour day of class and I have resigned myself to seriously constrained sleeping and eating.  I have been smart enough to bring snacks for the afternoons and that definitely helps keep energy levels up, especially since dinner is a luxury this CCIE training class opts out of entirely.

We covered BGP and MPLS in-depth today and I really wish I had these lectures years ago when studying for the CCIP track. Narbik certainly has a gift for explaining the overall big picture without glossing over the intricacies of how things work.

I was encouraged when he presented one scenario and I immediately saw the impact and suggested a possible solution – the solution he was just about to present.  Always nice to be on the right track!

Today was also focused on developing a troubleshooting process – a methodology that could be worked over and over again and help keep me from stumbling around and getting lost on troubleshooting tickets.  Definitely want to work on some flow charts/lists/processes for this and commit them to memory.

Also learned some pretty cool tricks for troubleshooting BGP today, pretty sure I will be seeing AS numbers in my sleep. Which actually isn’t that unusual for me…

Narbik says tomorrow is our long day, this worries me and I think I’d better get some sleep…

Published 5/7/2014

Disclaimer: While Eman and CCIE Flyer were very generous to grant me a seat in this class and I am very grateful for it, my opinions are totally my own, as all redheads are far too stubborn to have it any other way.





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