Runt Post: Narbik’s CCIE Boot Camp, Day 1

A few months ago, Eman Conde (of CCIE Flyer) granted me a seat to attend an upcoming CCIE training class taught by none other than Narbik Kocharians. Well, today that officially kicked off.  And wow, what a week it is going to be.  Narbik’s classes are legendary and after today I can see why.  He began the day insisting the staff bring him the largest whiteboard they could find.  I *always* take this as a good sign. He then delved into his philosophy of teaching and I was thrilled to find that it very much aligns with how I like classes to be presented and how I learn best. He really drove home ideas based around explaining for understanding and hands on doing while learning.  I laughed when he said “if I say something but I don’t give you a lab on it, than it’s probably a lie.”

Today was mostly spent getting my keister kicked by a practice evaluation lab that was supposed to be easy. Yes, did I mention drinking from the fire hose this week? But tomorrow should be more teaching and doing as alluded to earlier in the day.  I am really interested to see what Narbik calls “teaching the theory from the command line perspective” looks like.

Still more troubleshooting homework to finish up, so that’s all the updates for now.

Published 5/5/2014

While Eman and CCIE Flyer were very generous to grant me a seat in this class and I am very grateful for it, my opinions are totally my own, as all redheads are far too stubborn to have it any other way.

6 thoughts on “Runt Post: Narbik’s CCIE Boot Camp, Day 1

  1. Looks like a great course. I’m hoping to get to attend just a rudimentary course soon. Great site by the way it’s good to see someone else stumbled around in the dark with a torch like I currently do.

  2. Clearly he is not keeping you busy enough. I’ll have to fix that. 😉

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