You built a data center, out of a DeLorean?!

Big thanks to Juniper Networks not only for the opportunity to build my dream data center, but to build it out of Legos!  The contest to build the best Lego data center couldn’t have been more fun to participate in, now I shall show off my outstanding results!

Behold, the data center of the future! Make that the data center from the future!


As you can see, my dream data center has full wireless access, comprehensive monitoring, and brings data center mobility to a whole new level.


Fully stocked with Juniper gear and a top of the line Flux Capacitor, this data center means no more worrying about pesky outages & restores, it really can be like they never happened. Please use caution when implementing roll back features using the space-time continuum module, I take no responsibility should you make it like *you* never existed either…


My dream data center is staffed with only the most qualified professionals willing to go out on a limb, literally, to meet customer demands.



And I can’t this of a better way to close this post than this image, note the next generation exhaust system solution, top of the line construction, and down right awesomeness factor!


Please consider going green and purchasing the Mr. Fusion upgrade kit to assist in generating that required 1.21 gigawatts of power, clean energy is the future after all!

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