Unity Connection tidbits: forwarding voicemails by extension

10 Apr

Here’s a question I get asked quite often, “how do I forward a voicemail to someone by extension instead of by name?”

As it turns out, most people would rather have their fingernails pulled out one by one with a set of rusty pliers than to have to type in the first and/or last name of a user into a phone keypad.

Unity Connection does make a provision for extension dialing instead of named dialing when addressing/forwarding messages, but it is a global setting, so everyone will need be onboard*. I highly doubt this will be an issue…

Just mosey on over to System Settings > Advanced > Conversations and look for Disable Spelled Name Searches**. Should look something like this:

Disable Spelled Name Searches

Just check the box and you’re done!***  Yay you!

*See the comments section, Mike was kind enough to point out how to do this on an individual basis.  I’ve never been asked to do this for a single person, but it’s good to know it can be done.

**I desperately wish they would have called it something like Forward Voicemails by Extension (I know, clever, right?) to make it easier to find, but alas, now you know…

***Note this is not a feature you get to use with voice recognition, see documentation here:

Published 4/10/2013


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5 responses to “Unity Connection tidbits: forwarding voicemails by extension

  1. NetworkCanuck

    2013/04/10 at 14:40

    Handy! I know in older versions of Unity you could press ## when forwarding the message to switch from Name to Number forwarding. Does UC have the same option?

    • amyengineer

      2013/04/10 at 17:33

      I *think* so, but I’ll check it out and let you know…

      • Mike

        2013/04/10 at 23:11

        Unity Connection 8.x+ (possibly versions before, but I’m not positive) you can press ## to toggle addressing mode. You can also set this for an individual user (and thereby using user templates) under user>edit>send message settings>enter a recipient by:
        Of course that setting still doesn’t apply if you have voice recognition turned on.

  2. amyengineer

    2013/04/11 at 12:09

    Awesome, Mike! I updated the post to refer to your comments! I have never looked for a way to do this individually but it’s good to know that it can be done! I’ve never been able to sell users on the ## “feature”

  3. Roy

    2013/04/11 at 14:19

    Nice post. I remember always having to change that feature in CME/Unity Express. I prefer names just for the size of the company…I can’t keep up with everyone’s extension. Love IVR.


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