A Brief Interlude for OpenFlow

In this post I am going to veer away from voice-related topics ever so briefly to chime in on OpenFlow networking, hitting specifically on HP’s Open Flow’s story – why HP’s story? Well, frankly, because @hp_networking invited me to a briefing on the subject this morning and OpenFlow is freaking cool.

So what could I possibly say about OpenFlow and software defined networking that @etherealmind, @ecbacks, @ioshints, and other networking gurus haven’t already written about?  Not much. In my defense, however, those guys are blogging machines!

So my point in this post:  HP *has* an OpenFlow story.  Honestly, hadn’t caught that before – but to hear them tell it they have been working with OpenFlow founders since it started as a science experiment in someone’s basement (no, not really a basement- well, maybe a basement). Recently HP announced they were making all (well almost all) of their switches OpenFlow capable.  http://www.networkworld.com/news/2012/020212-hp-openflow-255641.html

Why does this matter? Um, because in my opinion, if these guys are doing it, the reality is OpenFlow is here and looking for a place to settle in.

Where exactly is it settling in at? Is it like the 800 pound gorilla, wherever it wants to?  I’m not so certain about that one, but the flexibility OpenFlow offers means you can toss a slew of issues at it and adapt a solution to meet the needs of the moment.  At least that’s the hype – and from what I can tell – a very plausible reality being implemented now.

If you want to get educated on OpenFlow I highly suggest checking out the resources I’ve listed below. Or take Greg out for a drink, pretty sure after one or two rounds, he’d be more than willing to talk your ear off about it.






Publish Date: 2/2/2012

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