Oops, missed one.

So remember this post Presence and Peace of Mind where I mentioned that there are approximately eleventy-billion steps to configure Presence clients?  Well, here’s a great example of when you’ve missed one…

Say you have a Presence client that logs in just fine.  Instant messaging works fabulously well and all things appear to be in perfect collaborating order. Except that the user cannot dial using the CUPS client.  In fact, when the user clicks the dialpad in the CUPS client- nothing happens.  Then, after a second or so, nothing continues to happen*.

Here’s one thing you might have missed: each client needs to have a CTI Gateway Profile assigned in Presence. Just navigate to Application ->Cisco Unified Personal Communicator ->User Settings -> Find user.  Once you have clicked on your user you will see the options below:


You will need to select the CTI Gateway Profile that corresponds to the device pool of the users hard phone they are trying to control.  The format will look something like this:


Be sure to pick the appropriate option or funky will not just be the way your office smells when someone cooks fish for lunch in the microwave. Once you select the correct Profile, log the client off and back on, you should see that the dial pad is now responsive and calls can be successfully placed using it.

Let rejoicing begin and the collaborating commence!

*From Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – if you haven’t read anything by Douglas Adams get thee to a bookstore forthwith, you have sorely missed out!

Publish date: 2011/12/13

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