Runt Post: Big Tap Monitoring and its Wireshark goodness

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Anyone reading my blog posts or tweets knows that I am huge fan of Wireshark and all its packet capturing greatness, so let me point you to this great Big Tap video from Networking Field Day 8  where Sunit Chauhan demonstrates how you can troubleshoot a client issue using Big Tap Monitoring Fabric, even generating an impromptu packet capture in the process. The ease of the process is beautiful, just beautiful.



Skip to the 13 min mark to start the troubleshooting fun. After that, you’ll want to watch those first 13 minutes to find out how the magic is done.

Big Switch Networks Big Tap Monitoring Fabric from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.


Published: 10/3/2014

Disclaimer: While Networking Field Day, which is sponsored by the companies that present, was very generous to invite me to this fantastic event and I am very grateful for it, my opinions are totally my own, as all redheads are far too stubborn to have it any other way.